Nanoose Volunteer Fire Department

Burning Information

Open Fire & Fire Danger Rating

Details on the open fire prohibition schedule for coastal fire centre can be found here. Fire Danger Rating map and information can be found here.

Backyard Category 2

Some open fires to be restricted in Coastal Fire Centre. Details can be found here.

Land Clearing Debris Category 3

Once it has been determined that there is no burning prohibition in effect land clearing debris burning is allowed and does not require a burning permit. BUT the following guidelines must be used:
  1. A burn reference number must be obtained (1-888-797-1717)
  3. Ensure that the venting index is "GOOD" on the day you start the burn and forecast to be "GOOD" or "FAIR" on the following day. DO NOT USE THE MORNING INDEX, USE THE AFTERNOON ONLY (use "CNTRL VAN ISLD" for Nanoose venting).
What Does the Regulation Say? This section summarizes information contained in the Open Burning Smoke Regulation. For complete details, contact the nearest Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection office. If the fire you are planning falls under the regulation, you must meet all the regulation's conditions listed below. The Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation requires that you:
  • explore all possible options to reduce, reuse or recycle as much of the material as possible;
  • burn only vegetative matter such as trees stumps, roots, shrubs, branches, etc.;
  • burn only on the same site from which the material was gathered and not include material from offsite;
  • do not burn toxic waste or substances that normally emit dense smoke or noxious odors;
  • burn the material more than 100 meters from a neighboring residence or business and more than 500 meters from a hospital, continuing care facility, or school that is in session;
  • ensure that smoke from open burning does not pose a hazard at airports or highways by significantly reducing visibility.
  • ensure satisfactory control and feeding of the fire, and make sure adequate equipment and staff are available to ensure the regulatory limits are met;