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Our Members

All of our members are volunteers (rather than employees). They contribute their time, and their families make personal sacrifices, to provide an essential service to their community.

Fire Chief: Doug Penny

Doug PennyMoved to Nanoose: 1969
Joined NVFD: 1972 (Founding Member)
Preference: Unified team work, nothing better than to be part of a team that thrives for perfection

Self-employed as an excavating contractor, has done some metal shop fabrication and built two of his own houses. New members to the fire department energize Doug, however losing members does the reverse.

Deputy Chief: John Newall

John NewallMoved to Nanoose: 1970
Joined NVFD: 1972
Preference: Unspecified

John is a third generation fire fighter and has had the pleasure of working with two of his sons that have been members of the department as well.

Training Officer: Denis Holme

Denis HolmeMoved to Nanoose: 1975
Joined NVFD: 2005
Preference: “Jaws” – being able to cut up a motor vehicle within minutes is remarkable

Landscaper from North Nanaimo to Qualicum Beach, Denis is motivated by helping people in a positive way. He suggest you check your batteries in your smoke alarms and carefully keep batteries in proper storage.

Captain: Monica Litton

Monica LittonMoved to Nanoose: 2003
Joined NVFD: 2008
Preference: Community

Monica loves giving back to the wonderful community she and her family live in. She also finds it rewarding to be part of a great and committed group of men and women who all feel the same way.

Captain: Cody Nielsen

Cody NielsenMoved to Nanoose: 1992
Joined NVFD: 2007
Preference: Thermal Imaging Cameras

Cody operates an excavation business based in Nanoose.

Captain: Murray Walker

Murray WalkerMoved to Nanoose: 1984
Joined NVFD: 1985
Preference: Working alongside great people

Murray tells his story of joining the department as “one day between shifts I was bored, so I joined”. Truth be told Murray is a conscientious and detail oriented leader that has inspired a generation of firefighters at Nanoose.

Lieutenant: Leo Groenewegen

Leo GroenewegenMoved to Nanoose: 2007
Joined NVFD: 2008
Preference: Safety

Leo was born and raised in the Lower Mainland. He lives in Nanoose with his wife and two kids.

Lieutenant: Robert Hale

Robert HaleMoved to Nanoose: 1996
Joined NVFD: 2009
Preference: Generalist

Joining the department in 2009 was a great decision for Robert. He enjoys the responsibility of being called when others are in trouble and need help.

Lieutenant: Morris Bouman

Morris BoumanMoved to Nanoose: 2005
Joined NVFD: 2012
Preference: Fighting car fires

Morris is self employed in Nanoose Bay with a property maintenance and home watch business. He thoroughly enjoys and is committed to community service in both the fire department and local search and rescue group.

Lieutenant: Robb Farrell

Robb FarrellMoved to Nanoose: 1995
Joined NVFD: 2013
Preference: Breaking himself

Rumoured to be within a witness protection program, “Robb” keeps a low profile.

Fire Fighter: Adam Snyder

Adam SnyderMoved to Nanoose: 2007
Joined NVFD: 2010
Preference: Thermal imaging camera and using the monitor

The great community of Nanoose Bay and commitment of all the men and women in this department motivate Adam to further his training as a volunteer firefighter.

Fire Fighter: Dave McCann

Dave McCannMoved to Nanoose: 2011
Joined NVFD: 2013
Preference: Combination fire attack, amazing what 3 bursts of water can do!

Dave is currently working as an advanced care paramedic in Alberta. In his spare time he loves exploring this beautiful place he calls home through hiking and camping. He enjoys cooking, drinking craft beer and spending time with his family and friends!

Fire Fighter: Shawn Newall

Shawn NewallMoved to Nanoose: Birth
Joined NVFD: 2013
Preference: Jaws of life

Shawn has been a cabinet maker for the last 10 years with his father’s company, he also worked on and off with a pulp mill safety company for 11 years. He is 7th member of his family to be in this department!

Fire Fighter: Ross Thompson

Ross ThompsonMoved to Nanoose: Birth
Joined NVFD: 2005
Preference: #9 (RIP)

Ross is a second generation volley firefighter. His Dad joined when he was young. So it was inevitable that he signed up. When he’s not hanging around the red trucks, he melts metal together for fun/work.

Fire Fighter: Lynne Farrell

Lynne FarrellMoved to Nanoose: 1995
Joined NVFD: 2014
Preference: Unspecified

Today’s fires burn hotter and faster than they did when our homes were filled with natural materials. Lynne says “Please remember if fire breaks out just get out.”

Fire Fighter: John Thompson

John ThompsonMoved to Nanoose: 1987
Joined NVFD: 1989
Preference: Jaws

John joined just before the arrival of #11 & the departure of #4 and recently scaled back to a support & mentor role. He enjoyed working with the extrication tools (jaws of life), but his back had other ideas. Mostly retired, John and his wife Connie grow dahlias for the wedding market & for cut flowers & tuber sales.

Fire Fighter: Fred Bull

Fred BullMoved to Nanoose: Birth
Joined NVFD: 1981
Preference: Unspecified

Fred enjoys playing with big red engines – including his Corvette which he drives safely on the many sunny days enjoyed in Nanoose.

Fire Fighter: Ben Groenewegen

Ben GroenewegenMoved to Nanoose: 2007
Joined NVFD: 2014
Preference: Excitement

Ben played football at the University of British Columbia and for the Kamloops Broncos. He is excited to continue serving Nanoose and further extend his fire training and safety.

Fire Fighter: Robert Fell

Robert FellMoved to Nanoose: 2006
Joined NVFD: 2007
Preference: Public safety

Robert is an engineer. He lives in Nanoose with his family.

Fire Fighter: Randall Mark

Randall MarkMoved to Nanoose: 2006
Joined NVFD: 2013
Preference: Forcible entry

During the day Randall works as a Mechanical Engineer designing fuel systems for Natural Gas engines (CNG and LNG). He believes that his experience as a Firefighter and First Responder will help him design safer NG vehicles. Randall suggests “Be engaged when you drive; adjust your speed to suit the road conditions.”

Fire Fighter: Roy Burns

Roy BurnsMoved to Nanoose: 1975
Joined NVFD: 1975
Preference: Service

Roy is a family man with a wife, two sons and two grandchildren. He worked 35 years for BC Hydro and since his retirement spends his time with the Nanoose Streamkeepers, Scottish Country Dancers, Bonsai Club and maintaining his vintage English car.

Fire Fighter: Chris Cole

Chris ColeMoved to Nanoose: 2014
Joined NVFD: 2016
Preference: Helping others in need

Happily married, with 4 daughters Chris says “I didn’t fully realise what I was getting into until it was too late… kind of like committing to the NVFD !”. Chris is a Professional Engineer and a Professional Forester and works as an Environment and Resource Integration Specialist. Chris coaches OYSS soccer and as a hobby he designs and builds custom saunas.

Fire Fighter: Randy Scheltgen

Randy ScheltgenMoved to Nanoose: 2012
Joined NVFD: 2016
Preference: AED

Randy joined the fire department because he enjoys helping others.

Fire Fighter: Alex Iredale-Cooley

Alex Iredale-CooleyMoved to Nanoose: 2014
Joined NVFD: 2016
Preference: Caring for others and emergency medicine

Alex is a registered care aide working in a long term care facility and her ultimate goal is to have a career in emergency medicine. Alex looks forward to all the new experiences and education that she will gain from fire and first responder calls within her community.

Fire Fighter: Amanda Scheltgen

Amanda ScheltgenMoved to Nanoose: 2012
Joined NVFD: 2016
Preference: Helping others and making a difference

Amanda is a full scope licensed practical nurse. Her passion for helping others and making a difference in their lives lead her to join the Nanoose Bay fire department. Amanda is excited to obtain as knowledge in firefighting and first responding and says “I am hoping to gain more confidence and self realization in knowing that I can do whatever I put my mind to!”.

Fire Fighter: Archie Currie

Archie CurrieMoved to Nanoose: 2014
Joined NVFD: 2016
Preference: Helping

Having retired From the Port Moody Fire Department after 30 years, Archie wants to continue helping those in need in his new community of Nanoose.

Fire Fighter: Chris Wikeruk

Chris WikerukMoved to Nanoose: 2015
Joined NVFD: 2016
Preference: Being on the water

Chris finds himself in a position to give back to the community, and help and support those that were there for him.

Fire Fighter: Robin St. Pierre

Robin St. PierreMoved to Nanoose: 2014
Joined NVFD: 2016
Preference: Hydraulic shearing

Robin is excited to learn firefighter skills and apply them within his community.